Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I visited the style icons exhibition in Newbridge last week.
Here I got to see numerous oufits worn by some of the worlds most glamerous women , such as
Audrey Hepburn, Gretta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe. It was fascinating to see all the work and detail that was in the garmets from the beading to the pattern work. Also loved that even though these clothes are years old alot of them are quite wearble these days , just shows how fashion always comes back around!



I also went to the national stud and the japenese gardens, unfortunately the museum in tha national stud wasn't open so I didn't get to see much there. The landsacpe of the gardens were beautiful though with handcrafted wodden horses on show,  also I found a measure me tree which I loved of course I went over and made my marking :)  I will have pictures of this up later on.

The gardens japenese were lovely , beautiful scenery and quirky stone made 'huts' , I'd recommend people to go visit if they haven't done so yet!!
I will upload these images later :)

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